"A" Marriages By Bride

Amanda Adams Mar 9, 1837 Duncan McDougal C. W. Barnum
Ann Adams May 19, 1828 Jacob Keer C. W. Barnum
Eliza Adams Mar 2, 1829 James Ballance C. W. Barnum
Mary Adams Jun 28, 1842 Alfred S. Fowler C. W. Barnum
Rebecca Jane Adams Feb 4, 1829 Angus McNeil C. W. Barnum
Amelia Adler Jun 12, 1843 Solomon Blum C. W. Barnum
Nancy Adler Apr 14, 1845 Louis August C. W. Barnum
Hannah Ahern Jan 18, 1839 George W. Thrift C. W. Barnum
Mary Airhart Apr 11, 1830 Smith Boyd C. W. Barnum
Hannah Aldridge Mar 29, 1847 Francisco Pandolph C. W. Barnum
Emily Aldrige Dec 7, 1843 Benjamin F. Balance C. W. Barnum
Eliza Jane D. Alexander Jun 24, 1847 James R. Gray C. W. Barnum
Elizabeth Alexander Sep 20, 1842 Charles R. Alexander C. W. Barnum
Isabella Alexander May 1, 1838 William G. Millikin C. W. Barnum
Laura Alexander Apr 25, 1846 Alfred Dormand C. W. Barnum
Laura L. Alexander Sep 7, 1849 Everard G. Baker C. W. Barnum
Harriet M. Allen Jun 15, 1837 Mason E. Abbey C. W. Barnum
Caroline V. Alley Mar 18, 1847 Joseph N. Ault C. W. Barnum
Hildregard Allison Nov 23, 1848 James H. Briley C. W. Barnum
Maria Allison Jun 7, 1838 Jacob Crizer C. W. Barnum
Delilah Amaker Feb 15, 1827 John Flannagan C. W. Barnum
Ann Povey Anderson Mar 23, 1839 Robert Corrie C. W. Barnum
Ann Andrews Nov 3, 1842 Joseph Mix C. W. Barnum
Irena Andrews Oct 1, 1839 Harrison M. Simpson C. W. Barnum
Mary Andrews Mar 16, 1839 Joseph O. Hutchins C. W. Barnum
Mary Andrews Apr 2, 1840 Josiah Grover C. W. Barnum
Emeline Annon Feb 20, 1846 Alemson Spalding C. W. Barnum
Constance Arceneaux Nov 14, 1835 Joseph D. Blouin C. W. Barnum
Mary M. Arighi Oct 4, 1848 Elias Sweet C. W. Barnum
Abigail Armitage Mar 20, 1826 Robert Stark C. W. Barnum
Gabriella Armstrong Apr 24, 1831 John Jones C. W. Barnum
Louisa M. Atkinson Dec 29, 1846 William K. Henry C. W. Barnum
Ann Aurgis Jan 13, 1842 Joseph W. Sharp C. W. Barnum

"A" Marriages By Groom

Mason E. Abbey Jun 15, 1837 Harriet M. Allen C. W. Barnum
Richard Abbey May 3, 1831 Julia Bathos C. W. Barnum
John Abbott Jan 8, 1849 Sarah Jane Benbrook C. W. Barnum
Charles (Dr.) Abercromble Aug 22, 1833 Mary C. Bowman C. W. Barnum
A. J. Abrams Jun 25, 1835 Caroline Couch C. W. Barnum
John Ackley Jun 13, 1839 Sovia Vogle C. W. Barnum
Israel L. Adams Feb 17, 1836 Elizabeth Zigline C. W. Barnum
Joseph W. Adams Jul 10, 1850 Anne J. Forsythe C. W. Barnum
Robert H. Adams Jan 6, 1827 Julia Ann Davidge C. W. Barnum
Washington Adams Nov 28, 1840 Harriet B. Thistle C. W. Barnum
Augustus E. Addison Dec 29, 1842 Mary Helen Girault C. W. Barnum
William Mead Addison Oct 22, 1846 Eliza W. Girault C. W. Barnum
Thomas Afflick Sep 19, 1842 Anna M. Smith C. W. Barnum
John Ahern Apr 23, 1829 Hanna Murphy C. W. Barnum
Jacob Airhart Jan 21, 1830 Maria Palmer C. W. Barnum
Benjamin A. Alderson Nov 21, 1838 Matilda M. Farrar C. W. Barnum
Lyman D. Aldridge Feb 7, 1848 Mary Nelbert C. W. Barnum
Abraham Alexander Sep 14, 1835 Emma Lyon C. W. Barnum
Charles R. Alexander Sep 20, 1842 Elizabeth Alexander C. W. Barnum
Thomas A. Alexander Nov 7, 1850 Elizabeth Benbrook C. W. Barnum
Job W. Alley Nov 16, 1830 Jane Daniels C. W. Barnum
John C. Allison Sep 1, 1829 Mariah P. Walker C. W. Barnum
Joseph S. Allison Mar 1, 1846 Margaret Price C. W. Barnum
Jack Anders Jan 14, 1829 Jane Martin C. W. Barnum
Edward Anderson Feb 29, 1836 Harriet Polkingham C. W. Barnum
Linsey Anderson Apr 8, 1829 Emeline Littlepage C. W. Barnum
William Anderson Jan 22, 1846 Mary S. Smith C. W. Barnum
William D. Anderson Jun 14, 1834 Mary Ann Catlin C. W. Barnum
William N. Anderson Aug 10, 1841 Mary Jane Bondurant C. W. Barnum
George W. Andrews Apr 28, 1832 Polly Orr C. W. Barnum
John G. Archer Oct 13, 1846 Sarah E. Watson C. W. Barnum
John Armstrong May 4, 1826 Christiana Lasse C. W. Barnum
John R. Ashby Feb 20, 1839 Eliza Jane Burlinson C. W. Barnum
James P. Ashford Oct 25, 1831 Clarissa R. Fowler C. W. Barnum
William R. Ashford Apr 22, 1849 Emily M. Lamb C. W. Barnum
Alfred Ashley Feb 25, 1827 Arcade Hosea C. W. Barnum
John Duncan Ashley Jul 2, 1846 Sarah Jane Phipps C. W. Barnum
Matthew Atchinson Feb 2, 1835 Cornelia McConnel C. W. Barnum
Louis August Apr 14, 1845 Nancy Adler C. W. Barnum
Joseph N. Ault Mar 18, 1847 Caroline V. Alley C. W. Barnum
Swift Austin Aug 10, 1838 Amanda Glasscock C. W. Barnum
Adolphe Aynne Mar 11, 1834 Sophia Brustie C. W. Barnum
Robert M. R. Ayres Aug 22, 1839 Sarah L. Macrery C. W. Barnum

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